· Electrofolio websites are hosted by us in the high speed Amazon S3 servers.
Electrofolio accounts are linked with an electrofolio subdomain but you can use your own domain name.
Bilingual sites are possible (user can set up site in 1 or 2 languages)
Electrofolio's MyWork is a portfolio system that allows webmasters to manage their work keeping it tidy in a structure of up to 3 levels: portfolios, galleries and slides.
Totally customizable layout and theme allowing each user to have a unique site.
Experience smooth, quick slide previewing slideshows with smooth fade transitions
Fully search engine friendly

Editor has been created with simplicity in mind: one step at once. Users without any design or IT knowledge can go through them without any problems. Plus we have created a video tutorial's guide that will teach you how to use Electrofolio better and improve your skills and your site.

*Electrofolio's Editor has been created using Flash technology. This means that a Flash compatible device (any PC/MAC or Windows Tablet) is required to edit Electrofolio websites.

Editor features: Template settings

· Set up in one or two languages

Either choose a ready-made theme (design scheme) from the library or design your own by selecting from the following options:

Background options
Set extended and fixed size (display area) backgrounds independently.

Extended background options
Choose either:
· Background colour
Tiled image (either from the library of textures, or upload your own)
Extended image
Mix between a colour and an image

Fixed area background options
· Background colour
Tiled or full size image (either from the library or upload your own)
Mix between a colour and an image
Opacity control

Font options
Choose typeface from a list of 35 fonts.

Type size options
· Type size
Line spacing (leading)
Character tracking
Enable/disable selectable text

Copyright display options
· Enable/disable the showing of copyright name next to work and set its position
Apply default copyright name to all slides

Entry page options
Optional: Create an entry page (a front page for your site) either by choosing a design from the library and replacing the image and text content, or by designing your own page from scratch (see designing pages, below).

Editor features: Designer App
With this intuitive tool you can design:
· custom pages to be placed in your website.
edit MyWork visual layouts.

The way it works is simple. Is like a mini page layout application:
· You may create and design pages by simply dragging and dropping components (text boxes, link boxes, pictures and backgrounds) onto a blank page.
Components can then be resized and edited.
The layer order of components can be controlled.
All controls are in movable pallets
Pages are automatically added to the site navigation (unless they are stored in the archive - see content manager)

Text editing
Substantial text editing controls include:

· Input in one or two languages
Regular/bold/italic/underline options
Resize type (individual words or the whole text box)
Change the colour of individual pieces of type
Sided or centred justification
Bullet point lists
Add links to webs files or email address within text boxes
Undo/re-do feature
Character tracking
Line spacing (Leading)
Opacity control

Link editing
Create special link text boxes and link internally (to other pages in your electrofolio or to individual galleries or slides) or link externally (to a URL or an email address).

Picture editing
· Upload JPGs, GIFs or PNGs, (up to 10MB in file size / and about 22 Megapixels in size)
Automatic file compression with no image quality loss
Auto crop to fill picture box, to fit inside picture box, or to tile.
Picture opacity control.

Content Manager

· Organise your website using portfolios, galleries and slides by simple dragging and dropping
Create multiple portfolios
Create pages (which are independent to the portfolio structure above called MyWork).
Specify any page to be the entry page (front page to site).
Hide items by placing them in the archive

Portfolio, gallery and slide editing options
· Add title, description text or tags for search engines.
Advanced thumbnail options - choose from default icon or upload a custom thumbnail.
Thumbnail cropping and colour options.
Add payment buttons with PayPal

Full list of Electrofolio features

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