We import your existing website into a brand new Electrofolio site in 3 steps:

You give us details how to get into your website if you still have the FTP details.

We see how the website has been done and we analyze how we can extract your current contents.

Then we can offer you a personalized price, that goes by the invested time, we will add a payment page for you.

If you agreed we would start follow with step 2 soon after the payment.

A. We analyze the site and give a quote.

We get all data: texts, videos and videos.

We will need the domain log-in details to link it * with your new Electrofolio site.

Then, we would create a PREMIUM account with Electrofolio and we would continue
with step 3.

*Note this is not mandatory and it might not by possible with your current provider.

With all assets and the PRO account, we will build the website.

Should be ready soon!

After it's done we will hand over all account details to the client to let him take control of the site.

B. We gather all assets.

C. We make the website

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